• Get to Know Adam WINSTON


    A Progressive Leader for the 21st Century!

    Adam Winston is a Progressive and Independent Candidate for the Cook County Clerk’s office. The office of the Clerk is tasked with guarding your fundamental right to vote in a fair and honest election. Adam Winston’s vision for Cook County is to build upon David Orr’s legacy to ensure that every vote casted is counted without the influences of “Political Bias” or “Machine Politics”.


    In 2020 the Cook County Recorder of Deeds Office is set to merge with the Clerk’s Office. This merger is a major consolidation of County’s resources. If done correctly, it will save the County millions of taxpayer dollars. Electing Adam Winston as County’s Clerk will ensure the merger is done correctly!


    Adam Winston holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Organizational Development and Technical Communication. As a “Change Manager” by profession, Winston is uniquely qualified to lead the Clerk’s Office. Winston has managed both hardware and application programs for international as well as domestic corporations. He has outsourced his talents to major Fortune Five-Hundred Companies and has designed programs to streamline processes and maximize successful outcomes for corporations such as Chase Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Amazon and Walmart.


    Together We Can build a Better Community

    Adam Winston has a strong commitment to family and community. He is the father of 4 children, 2 daughters and 2 sons. Winston serves as a liaison for the Boy Scotts of America and is a very enthusiastic coach for his sons’ little league baseball team. He and his family volunteer for Meals on Wheels and support South Suburban Pads.


    As a Community Activist and sitting Trustee for the Village of Glenwood, Winston has fought tirelessly for safe and clean drinking water; to advance economic development; improve infrastructure and advocated for lower property taxes in the Southland area. As a Trustee for the Village of Glenwood he also sits on the Fire Fighters Pension Board and served as President for the Lions Club.


    Now more than ever the Clerk’s office will be your frontline for protection of your most valuable investment...your home and most valuable asset…your vote. Through the use of File-Vault technology Winston will lead the charge in keeping our home ownership records secure and our votes safe.


    The Clerks office has made some improvements in recent years however, more is needed. Winston is a progressive candidate who is committed to protecting our vote and home ownership from cyber-criminals and thieves.